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Appel de communistes européens (en anglais)

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Dimanche 10 avril 2005


The communists signing below, from different countries and organizations, coincide in saying NO to the proposed EU Constitution text.

Without engagin in a close analysis of the Treaty that fixes the EU Constitution, we shall summarize our reasons to REFUSE that text :

1) It consolidates a super-state that dimishes the sovereignty of its member states, emphasizing the role of the market economy as its fundamental law.

2) It reinforces the EU’s imperialist nature by means of the creation of a European Agency for Armaments, by recommending an increase in military expenses, by the acceptance of the preventive war philosophy and of its members’ vinculation to the NATO.

3) It is an antidemocratic text because the form it has been written and approved.

4) It treats people worse than merchandise, as the latter can be moved around without restrictions, whereas the former are discriminated against according to their origin.

5) It divides the workers by denying the right to equal treatment in social and labour matters, keeping the priority of each member state’s legislation over the general one.

6) It legalizes lockout practices while hindering the coordination of labour strivings.

7) It facilitates the loss of jobs and consequently the increase in unemployment as it gives big companies all the advantages to export their benefits, to fake their losses and to sell their properties instead of handing them to their employees in the event of a closure.

8) It puts aside the protection of the environment, as it gives total priority to competivity, reinforcing the control of multinational companies over economic laws.

9) It encourages the privatization of health and education systems, of culture, leisure activities, means of transport, communications and all kinds of services, in which it establishes freedom of market as a priority, instead of the satisfaction of human needs in a free and correct way.

10) It continues women’s discrimination, as it does not enforce any real measure that may put an end to the gender inequalities that predominate in every single aspect of society.

11) It denies peoples’ right to self-determination.

12) It designs a single agricultural and fishing policy subdued to the interests of big multinational food companies that will continue to provoke the ruin among independent farmers, cattle raisers and fishers.

13) It increases the repressive role of police and army forces by legitimating their intervention if « democratic institutions » are subverted.

Europe, April 2005

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