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9th internationalist meeting of Venissieux

For the planet, urgency is socialism !

4-5 October 2019, salle Joliot-Curie, Vénissieux
Mardi 9 juillet 2019

The section of Vénissieux of the PCF organizes on October 5th the 9th internationalist meeting of Venissieux

After giving to the peoples the floor against imperialism in 2015 and on the past and current experiences of socialism in 2017, we want to address this year the very mediatic issue of the future of the planet, addressing it from one communist point of view, as a social choice between capitalism and socialism.

In France, the climate and environmental emergency is used in the political fight to make accept the attakes against the public services, the questioning of the rights, the austerity for the majority of the workers while the big fortunes continue plundering the planet. Marx said long ago that capital exhausts the land and the worker, but the current ideological battle tries to make believe that to save the earth, it would be necessary to aggravate the exploitation of the workers, to give up rights and answers to social needs. The political ecology that presented itself as a subversive at its beginnings has been recycled into a dominant ideology at the service of inequalities and competition.

Yet socialism has demonstrated its ability to meet the needs of all in a sustainable way, by otherwise organizing production and distribution, energy, agriculture, with errors and tragedies, but ensuring the development of living conditions of the greatest number, far from the « cold calculation of selfish interests » which dominates capitalism.

 How Cuba under the US blocus manages to guarantee to the Cuban people life expectancy at the same level as the US, organic farming that provides as many calories per capita as France, emitting a total of 4 times less greenhouse gas that a German, the only Latin American country without child malnutrition ?

  • How did the USSR develop until 1960 agriculture based on soil biodiversity, experimenting agro-forestation rediscovered in the West in recent years ? How did it allow the Soviet peoples to move from a life expectancy of 30 years in 1917 to 70 years in 1964, close to that of the west, despite a world war that destroyed it plus than all the others ?
  • How has China developed a socialized agriculture based on the private activity of peasants, and bringing one billion people out of endemic famines, making the greatest contribution to the global goals of reducing extreme poverty ?
  • Who benefits from Algeria’s energy reserves ? That country produces more energy per capita than France, but an Algerian consumes 4 times less residential electricity than a French !
  • Why can Vietnam provide health services to almost all its inhabitants when Nigeria, rich in oil, does so for less than half ?

We call all those in France who want to resist the war of green capitalism against public services to contribute to the preparation of these meetings.

We call on the communist parties of the world to give us their analyzes and experiences to contribute to its meetings.

The future of the planet, of biodiversity, is the future of humanity, and it can only be more and more violent and unequal in capitalism.

The planet has an urgent need of socialism !

for any contact : collectifinternationalistes chez venissieux.org

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